Welcome to the world of smart finance

At Gotera Insurance, we recognize that financial health is a vital component to a prosperous and stable life. That's why we strive to provide a rich variety of educational resources, in both English and Spanish, to help you manage and maximize your money in the best way possible.

Savings and Budget

Are you among the 49% of visitors who have enough saved to cover at least a few months' worth of expenses? If not, don't worry. Here are concrete steps to create and stick to a budget that will allow you to increase your savings. Discover simple ways to increase your savings and learn 8 effective strategies for saving money.


Credit is a vital tool in our financial lives. 48% of our visitors say they pay off their credit card balance in full every month. If you're wondering how to do the same, or how to establish a solid credit history, Gotera Insurance has the answers. Learn with us 4 strategies to pay off credit card debt faster and understand what a credit score is and how it is calculated.

Home ownership

Are you spending more than 28% of your income on your mortgage or rent payment? Find out everything you need to know about renting, buying and homeownership. Learn what to consider when buying your first home and how to buy a home within your means.


Are you part of the 43% of visitors who use 401(k)s to save for retirement? Investing is an integral part of building wealth and saving for retirement. Discover the 4 investment trends that stand out and the 5 reasons to reconsider short-term trading.

In addition, we explore a number of additional topics to increase your financial literacy:

  • Debt: Strategies for managing debt and paying off credit cards.
  • Auto: Suggestions for each step of the car buying process.
  • College: Ways to better manage paying for college.
  • Privacy and security: How to keep your financial information safe and prevent identity theft.
  • Personal Banking: Information on how banks work, how to manage your accounts and how to teach your children about money.
  • Taxes and Income: A guide on how to prepare your taxes and make the most of your salary and benefits.

Accompanying you through each stage of life

Important financial decisions come at every stage of life. At Gotera Insurance, we're here to help you navigate them with our Financial Guides, a series of educational articles, videos and tips on common financial situations.

Make the most of your money and move further towards your goals with Gotera Insurance! Explore, learn and grow with us!